As a fellow contractor, we went to work to create

a system for ourselves that generated higher value projects.

Now, we are sharing our system with other contractors

who want a shortcut to larger contracts.

Our passionate gurus are here to help you succeed.

Owners & Co-Founders

Aaron Landreth Low Voltage Pro Tools

My name is Aaron Landreth and I own a low volt contracting business in Reno, NV and have since the year 2010. (You can check it out here).

We used to rely on Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, Houzz. All that did was pit us against other contractors in a race to the bottom bid, or land us low level residential tasks not worth our time.

Our big break came when we went to work to create a system for ourselves that generated higher value commercial projects. Subsequently we've worked on large-scale projects for Caeser's Entertainment, William Hill Sports Books, University of Nevada, Wells Fargo, Department of Corrections, and many others.

Other fun facts: Husband, Father, & Rotary Club Member

Aaron Landreth -


Christina Nelson Low Voltage Pro Tools

Christina has owned and operated her own small businesses for the last 15 years, having a team of 25+, multiple locations, and millions in revenue. She has learned from the best in digital marketing/advertising, business growth & development, and success mastery to keep her businesses at the top of their game.

Quote: "Excited to share what's working!"

You may see her: Demoing our system for you, training workshops, handing you projects (on a platter)

Other fun facts: Only has half her lung capacity!

Christina Nelson -


Sales & Support Staff

Teresa Robinson Low Voltage Pro Tools

For the past 10+ years Teresa has operated in the digital marketing space designing, building and executing many different types of campaigns, SOPs, and CRM systems for businesses & organizations around the nation.

Quote: "I'm here to help you be the most sought-after contractor in your area"

You may see her: On your onboarding call, delivering projects to you (on a platter)

Other fun facts: Won multiple dance competitions!

Teresa Robinson -

Support Staff

Stephanie Yeager Low Voltage Pro Tools

Stephanie is a Certified marketing "GENEIUS" helping small to medium sized businesses and organizations run successfully since 2016.

Quote: "So excited to be part of team Low Voltage Pro Tools!"

You may see her: On Your Onboarding call, handing you projects (on a platter)

Other fun facts: Loves birding

Stephanie Yeager -

Support Staff

Project Coordinators

Johnny Shoemaker grew up in a small town northeast of Columbus, Ohio and worked for the family business in commercial and residential painting. Then played professional baseball from 1993-2001 with the Seattle Mariners and then the Detroit Tigers.

After his career in baseball ended due to an injury, he returned to his original profession & started his own business in commercial & residential renovating working as a painter, drywall finisher, and other general construction projects.

Quote: "I'm here to be your Homerun Johnny!"

You may see him: Handing you projects (on a platter)

Other fun facts: Did we mention he played Pro Baseball??

John Shoemaker-

Project Manager

With a history of working for Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce.com we’re excited to bring on board Project Coordinator, William Carlos!

William is a father of two.

He loves collecting transformers, GI Joe, TMNT, Masters of the Universe, and Soul of Chogokin.

He also loves cars (has 3) but says “they don’t love me”

… we won’t ask, William.

You may see him: Handing you projects (on a platter)


Other fun facts: Heart condition survivor

William Carlos-

Project Manager

Jommy comes to us with a background in sales. He serves as a full time project coordinator for Projects on A Platter while also pursuing his degree in law.

He is a dedicated individual and driven law student, pushing himself to excel in the many roles and responsibilities he's taken on. Lively and energetic, we love having him on board team POP!


Quote: "Comfortability is the enemy of progress!"

You may see him: Handing you projects (on a platter)

Other fun facts: Enjoys hiking with loved ones.

Jommy Apiag-

Project Manager


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